UV Protection Oil on cladding

This is a a custom responsive state designed for this particular slide.

Garden furniture finished with Teak Oil

This is a a custom responsive state designed for this particular slide.


Polyx-Oil in Matt or Satin for wooden floors, Wood Wax Finish in clear or coloured and Top Oil are just three of the interior natural wood finishes by Osmo that we can supply at Russell Paints. Their range of exterior products include Country Colour and Opaque Gloss Wood Stain opaque finishes, transluscant satin-matt finishes like One Coat Only and a full range of Wood Oils. A catalogue of all Osmo products is available free of charge from our store, or visit here to view their range: www.osmouk.com


Both our branches carry a range of Sadolin woodstains, varnishes and opaque finishes. Sadolin Classic is general purpose woodstain, Sadolin Extra is a durable finishing coat for doors and windows etc. Quick Drying Woodstain is exactly what it says and Superdec is a flexible opaque finish for all exterior woodwork. These are only a few of Sadolins many products full details of which can be found in store or from www.sadolin.co.uk


When it comes to woodcare protection and decoration Sikkens is renowned for its outstanding range of opaque and translucent coatings. These include water-borne, solvent -borne and high solids products which ensure optimum performance and low maintenance finishes for new and refurbishment applications. Full details in store or www.sikkens.co.uk


Butinox is stocked at both our branches but Russell Paints has a Jotun tinting system and can tint Butinox and Jotun products in standard and non-standard colours while you wait. Butinox 1 is a translucent stain, Butinox 2 is an opaque finish and are both suitable for all exterior wooden surfaces like joinery, cladding, timder buildings and fences etc. Butinox 3 again is suitable for all exterior wooden surfaces and can be applied over suitable, sound, conventional. Full details in store or www.jotun.com


Both branches hold stock of Ronseal fillers and varnishes such as Trade Polyurethane Varnish, Quick Cure, Hi Traffic, Quick Prime and Solvent Based Contractor floor varnishes, Quick Drying varnish and woodstains and Outdoor varnish plus Colron wood dyes at Russell Paints. Full details in store or: www.ronseal.co.uk


Hicksons Decor Woodstain, Breather Paint, Hardwood Finish, Predec and a clear Anti Slip Decking finish are available at Russell Paints. View their range here: www.polyvine.com

Smith & Rodger Ltd.

Russell Paints carries a full range of Shellacs, Polishes, Laquers and waxes from Smith and Rogers plus applicators, mops and cloths. View their product range here: www.frenchpolishes.com


Johnstone’s Wood Preservative, Shed and Fence and a full range of Woodstains are available from Russell Paints. View their product range here: www.johnstonestrade.com
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